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Viewing Biblical Characters from a Certain Point of View

This is a project focused on recounting events and stories from the Bible through a collection of fictional short stories. The short stories are written from the perspectives of people who were present at and who watched the events in the Bible unfold. I call these people Biblical Bystanders. It is my hope that these short stories will provide a different perspective on certain events or characters from the Bible.

My prayer is that God can use me to provide a different viewpoint than the one that would originally arise when reading the scripture. I do not want to add to scripture; I simply want to give a different perspective through a few historical fiction short stories. Now that I have a platform to share my thoughts in a way that I like and am passionate about, I will be attempting to put myself in the shoes of these Biblical Bystanders and retell certain events that transpired during the Biblical narrative.

Table of Contents:


Guard Duty

Story 2

Story 3

Story 4

Story 5

Story 6

Story 7

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